Workers Compensation

Business risk is complex and fast changing. The current annual Inflation rate is at 8.3%. Estimated 22% of workforce is working remotely. Real GDP growth averaged +2.6% The global budget for IT is set to hit $3.92 trillion.

Inflation & Workers' Compensation Premiums

Employers raise payroll and benefit to meet employee expectations in tight labor market. Wage inflation impacts premiums directly. To control claims:

  • Investigate all injuries and claims
  • Build a Return to Work program
  • Evaluate Safety program
  • Training and Audit for improvements

Workers' Compensation for Remote Employees

The pandemic changed the way employees work. This work from home trend is unlikely to end. Home office is considered as secondary work premise under the policies. To control claims:

  • Designate safe work area at home
  • Define work hours and meal time
  • Provide training for Workstation setup
  • Include ergonomic best practices